Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pigments to be release.

 **Most if not all have been reformulated into new and better shades pics will not be posted until a confirmed date of opening.**

These are only the loose powder shades. I still have a few more I want to make and then the creams. These have no names just colors and numbers.

Black #3 is a deep black with silver sparkle.(This color is the same)

Black # 2 is a lighter black with multicolored sparkle that shifts colors.(This color is the same)

Black # 1 is a softer black with a heavy green shift. (This color is the same)

Silver # 1 Slightly shiny grey with sparkles.

Yellow # 2 Its like the color of mustard with metallic gold in it. 

Yellow # 1 bright yellow with sparkles. 

Green # 2 Bright green with gold sparkles 

Green # 1 is an olive green with copper,gold and bronze reflecks. (This color is the same)

 Red/pink # 3  Pinky orange/red with silver sparkles

Red/Pink # 2 This is a golden pink. It's darker than the famous blush by Nars.

Red/pink # 1 is a really warm pink with gold shimmer

Blue # 4 It's greyish blue with a red shift and red sparkle

Blue # 3 is a brighter blue with dark purple/blue shimmer and red/pink shimmer

Blue # 2 is a lighter blue with multi-colored and shifting shimmer. 

Blue # 1 Is a slightly metallic goldish blue with lots of gold sparkle. 

 Purple # 6 Is a violet color with multi colored sparkles

Purple # 5 Is a soft purple/periwinkle color with a slight blue shift

Purple # 4 greyish violet with silver sparkle

Purple # 3 Is a warmer violet with low shimmer and a slight blue shift. 

Purple # 2 This one is hard to explain. It looks like a lighter grape color but the shimmer makes it seem like its more than one color. It isn't really duochrome but it acts like it. 

Blue # 1 Dark grey purple with gold sparkles 

 Brown # 1 It is a caramel/nutmeg color with gold and red shimmer.

More colors to come soon. Plus cream colors!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

As the launch approaches.

Hey everyone!

I'm so excited to be writing my first blog post for Beyond Image! It's be over a year since I began this journey and I'm so happy to have come this far. I want to use this blog to update everyone on sales, products and contests as well as the facebook fan page. The fan page is not up yet as I have not settled on a design that will represent Beyond Image via Facebook. The website will be up a week or two before the launch.

Below is a list of products that will be sold. (~NOTE~ Only Cream and Loose powder will be available at first, then more will be added as we grow!)  **Three products will be released instead of two. Two eye products and one lip.**

Nail polish (10 COLORS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE TIME OF RELEASE PLUS 4 LIMITED EDITION. Colors are being made as we speak but testing is still needed.)

****Bath and body will be a future project**** 

All collection will be permanent except for holiday related or limited edition ones.